Julia Ruijter – photography & paintings

My art is about the search of the fine lines. The nuances. A quiet place. The magnificent balance of life in all its forms.

The inspiration for my paintings comes from the need to be close to what’s pure. The art of my grandparents, both artist (Baukje Kruit and Georg Ruyter) inspired me already as a child (although I had no clue of this influence until I was 35).

Nature is and has always been an inspiration, without being directly recognisable, I experience the calm yet vibrant forces in my work.  My photo’s are almost all about the micro-world I loved so much as a kid, growing up at an old farm in the east-part of the Netherlands.

In the process of creating I try to be at peace of mind and connect to ‘the flow of the moment’.

I simply follow my hand.

Painting outside

– summer 2020

Find my grandparents art:

Georg Ruyter – https://georg-ruyter-art.blogspot.com/2018/03/georg-ruyter.html

Baukje Kruit – https://baukje-kruit-art.blogspot.com/search/label/schilderij


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